How The Ansul Piranha Operates?

  • A fire starts in the protected area….
  • Heat sensitive fusible link detectors activate the system.
  • Appliance energy sources are automatically shut off by accessory equipment appropriate for the
    type of fuel used by your cooking equipment.
  • The fire extinguishing agent is discharged into the plenum and duct and onto the cooking appliances.
  • The agent and the hot grease mix to form a foam. This temporarily seals combustible
  • vapours, helping to inhibit re-ignition. This seal must not be disturbed.


Discharge Patterns
ANSUL PIRANHA restaurant fire suppression systems are designed to provide maximum
protection for commercial kitchens. The flexibility in the PIRANHA design is a straight-forward
concept meeting the needs of kitchen owners by providing them with quality fire protection and the
ability to change the system to meet their growing needs. Because there are many types of
commercial kitchens, PIRANHA has two design options:

    • Overlapping
    • Appliance-Specific protection.

Overlapping System Design

Overlapping System Design

PIRANHA Overlapping protection offers you the flexibility to move your appliances within a
protected zone without having to re-design the system. This option is ideal for Chefs who want to
replace or rearrange appliances in their kitchen.
When flexibility and simplicity are most important, nozzles are placed in a straight-line arrangement
providing overlapping agent discharge patterns. This creates a virtual fire-free zone where
appliances of various types and sizes are protected – even if they are replaced or rearranged under
the hood.

Illustration of an Overlapping design

Appliance Specific Design

Appliance Specific Design

The most efficient fire protection is accomplished when nozzles are selected and aimed at specific
hazard areas on each appliance. This method typically provides the most economical use of liquid
agent reducing the size or quantity of storage tanks and associated hardware.

PIRANHA Appliance-Specific protection has nozzles dedicated for each kitchen appliance. In this
type of system design, you are assured that each potential hazard has protection designed
specifically for the cooking application itself. This type of system protects each appliance

Illustration of an Appliance-specific Design

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