Home Automation System

Design For Family
Like an art, you can put it anywhere you want. It’s one of your family.

Quick & Easy
Quick installing, easy using. All operations can be done just on your phone.

200 meters signal coverage. Up to 99 accessories supported. We tested it before you start using it, so we can protect your home perfectly.

Network camera and smart plug supported. With FollowMe feature, the cameras and plugs can run automatically under the preset rules.

    • Smart Plug Integrated
    • Child Lock
    • SMS Verification Code
    • Alarm Clock
    • Updatable Firmware
    • Apple Style Package
    • SMS Encrypted
    • Magnet Package
    • Dual-side Door/Window Sensor
    • Exit Delay
    • Entry Delay
    • Multi-Devices Management
    • LED Backlight Button
    • 3D Touch Supported
    • Low Battery Warning
    • Knock Over to SOS
    • Customized Light & Sound for Siren
    • Temperature Warning
    • 200 Meters Coverage
    • Realtime Video
    • System Time Synchronizing
    • PC Client
    • Single-Hand Mode for Android Users
    • Micro USB Power Adapters
    • Magnetic Bead Motion Detector
    • Scan QR Code for Pairing
    • Auto-Saved Emergency Contacts
    • Separated Permissions
    • In-App Feedback
    • Alarm SMS Auto-Capture
    • Rename Accessories
    • Multiple Camera SDK Integrated
    • Schedule Arming Tasks
    • Entry Delay
    • FollowMe Features
    • Realtime System Status

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